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Trio Taicuba

Trio Taicuba


Cuban popular music trio.

The Trio Taicuba, the most emblematic of the Cuban trios, was created in 1947 in Havana and has devoted its artistic career to disseminate the most diverse genres of Cuban pop music, paying special attention to the bolero and the romantic song.

Since its creation up to now, this trio has recorded for PANART, Puchito, GEMA, RCA Víctor, EGREM and BIS Music record companies. It has also participated in films for the Cuban Institute of Art and Filming Industries and for the Cuban Institute of Radio and Television.

The trio has toured across Cuba and has traveled around the world with a record-breaking success. On many occasions, they have performed in Europe and in the United States where they were favorably welcomed by audiences and by the specialized critic.

The Trio Taicuba constitutes a true legend of the Cuban music and they are currently performing as exclusive artists of the reputed Havana bar-restaurant "El Fl oridita".