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Los Surik

Los Surik


Dancing popular music group.

Los Surik orchestra was created in 1971, in Las Tunas " an eastern province of Cuba - as part of the National Amateurs Movement. Within this context, the group obtained important acknowledgments such as the Great Award at the 1981 National Amateurs Festival, but its professional artistic career began in 1982.

In 1985, with the recording of the first LP at the "Siboney" studios in Santiago de Cuba, this Orchestra inaugurated the music discography era in Las Tunas. This phonogram has a significant value for the local culture.

During the 1990s, with the dissemination of the theme called "Romántica", included in the CD "Alma Musical", Los Surik orchestra achieved an overwhelming popularity in Cuba.

At that time, this orchestra had an active participation on radio an television programs, as well as in musical revues and productions at famou s night centers and in carnival parties. Likewise, due to its singular combination of rhythm and vitality, Los Surik orchestra obtained a resounding success in Japan, Canada and Mexico among other countries.

This orchestra has a rich repertoire that includes pieces composed by its own members, embracing different genres like salsa, guaracha, bolero and the song in general, as well as samba and other international genres.