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Tania Pantoja

Tania Pantoja



Name: Tania Pantoja Esther Palmero Born May 13, 1969 in Havana, Cuba Being an amateur singer since childhood , started her professional artistic career in 1994 as member of "Sonora Caribeña" and as a soloist at the Cabaret "Nacional de Prado", "El Palmero" and "El Parisién", specializing in interpreting the genres of Cuban Son , Bolero and other major genres of Cuban music . She joins the group "Chicas del Sol" where she broadens her career in and out of Cuba, going on international tours in Martinique and Curacao. In 1995 and until 2001 she joins the group "Lady Salsa", where she has the opportunity, given by the many international tours, to share the stage with lead characters of Cuban and international music such as Celia Cruz and Gilberto Santa Rosa, among others. She then joins the famous band "Azucar Negra" conducted by Leonel Limonta , where she has the chance to work with famous singer Haila Mompié. In this phase, the two artists together reach national and international h uge success, recording the single “Andar Andando”. Later Tania enters Bamboleo , the orchestra conducted by Lazaro Valdez , where she develops her greatest professional success , leaving an important mark on popular Cuban danceable music with songs such as "Sueño de Cristal". For her peculiarity, professionalism , timbre and artistic quality, she is selected for the project "Divas por amor", along with Haila Mompié, Vania Borges and Yenisel Valdes. She also participated in the recording of several albums with the groups: Lady salsa, Azúcar Negra , Paulo Fg. In April 2011 Tania starts a project of her own, called “Tania Pantoja y su grupo”, launching their DVD CD "Gracias a la Vida" on April 20 at the Teatro de América, Havana.

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