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Sara González

Sara González


Singer and composer.

Sara González Gómez was born in Havana in 1951. She began her musical career as a viola student, but finally decided to study guitar.

In 1971 she joined the New Trova Movement. She performed for a while as a singer in "Los Dimos" quartet and then joined the Sound Experimentation Group from ICAIC (Cuban Institute of Art and Filming Industry). Shortly after joining this Group, she became very famous when she sang the musical theme composed by Silvio Rodríguez fir a television serial.

Her work as composer is worthwhile mentioning: "La victoria", an epic song inspired on the Cuban victory at the Bay of Pigs, was her first resounding hit in Cuba. Sara González is also author of "Qué dice usted" ", "Dame más", and many other beautiful songs. She has also musicalized several poems of José Martí, the Cuban National Hero.

Likewise, Sara González has performed as soloist accompanied by the Guaycán grou p, and she currently has her own musical grouping.

Undoubtedly, Sara González is one of the most remarkable performers of the New Trova songs, and due to her contribution to Cuban music she has been granted many important acknowledgments such as the National Culture Award and the Félix Varela First Grade Medal.