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Noel Nicola

Noel Nicola


Guitar player, composer and singer.

Noel Nicola was born on October 7, 1946, in Havana, Cuba. He started his music studies by learning the piccolo under the guidance of Dovane Voth.

In 1969, he joined the Sound Experimentation Group from the ICAIC (Cuban Institute of Art and Filming Industries) where he received classes from Leo Brouwer, Federico Smith and Juan Elósegui, as part of the collective work of this group.

His music is mainly based on the New Trova song style.

Noel Nicola has represented Cuba in several European and American countries. His creative work also includes songs and music pieces for the movie and the theater. He has composed "Por la vida juntos", "Para una imaginaria María del Carmen", "Comienzo el día", "Cuba va", "Es más, te perdono" y many other wonderful songs.

He has received many awards on several occasions as, for example, the Award granted by the Russian Federation Union of Compo sers during the Song Festival held in Bulgaria and the First Mention at the "Adolfo Guzmán" Cuban Music Contest for his song entitled "Aquello no fue".