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Female vocal group.

The American popular song "the one created inside the extensive territories discovered by Americo Vespucio five centuries ago- constitutes an idiosyncratic hybrid and a perfect synthesis of different esthetic criteria.

A very rich emotional source, expressed through an inexhaustible repertoire ranging from the refined humor to elegance, and from the worldly sense of life to solemnity, the Latin American song constitutes a compulsory reference within the international panorama of contemporary music.

From recent decades, the Cuban music, sharing the glory with several international trends, has rooted itself on the qualitative review of its background premises, on the redefinition of the global esthetic of all its genres and on the conceptualization of extra-musical factors. Within this new dynamic, several sound expressions, now accepted for their contemporary nature which surpasses the difficult barriers of exotic assessm ent, have been rescued for the sake of the artistic memory of that time.

The 1960s marked the beginning of a musical cosmopolitanism in Cuba whose outcome is very similar to the so-called Golden Age.

Voces recovers, in a natural fashion, the heritage of Cuban song, from the most authentic popular song to the cult and classic song, though preserving the amalgamation of its original character and nature. The repertoire goes beyond frontiers, excesses and defects in both references and influences; but the musical physiognomy and the interpretative style are still adhered to idiosyncrasy, temperament and sense of beauty that have characterized the history of Cuban song.

Nevertheless, Voces eludes the traditional moulds established by previous vocal ensembles "specially duos and quartets- and embarks in the instrumental and interpretative renovation of the vocal genre searching for a peculiar profile in the way of doing and the intentional way of saying; in other words, the Cuban harmony, hints and insinuations. Voces offers a peculiar profile of Cuban vocal music during the 1990s. It combines the Creole trova song with the romantic song; the guajira and the son and, at the same time, the most current trends of the genre with the singularity of six female voices artistically gifted who managed to impose themselves in the select group of contemporary vocal groups.

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