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Pedrito Calvo y la Nueva Justicia

Pedrito Calvo y la Nueva Justicia

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Singer and composer.

His first contact with art dates back to 1957 during an amateur program. During the 1960s he began his professional career as member of his father´s orchestra. Afterwards, he joined "La Riviera", "Los jóvenes del filing" and the "Julio Valdés Orchestra" until he finally became part of the "Juan Formell y los Van Van" orchestra where he remained for almost 30 years. Together with the Van Van he established a model with his interpretation style and his dancing qualities. Likewise, he traveled across the world with this prominent Cuban orchestra leaving a successful trail behind him due to his personal charisma which was always acknowledged by both the press and the audience.

The successful "Buena Vista Social Club" and "Afro-Cuban All Stars" projects have aalways counted on him. The Grammy Award, together with "Juan Formell y Los Van Van" has been the highest distinction received by this musician throughout his vast musical career.
r> In 2002, Pedro Calvo decided to create his own orchestra, the "Pedro Calvo y La Justicia" orchestra, with which he started a new stage in his professional career accompanied by a group made up by experienced and consecrated musicians and the talent of new Cuban artists.

From its inception, his orchestra made its way through the musical horizon resorting to a well-defined objective, that is, to put everyone to dance wildly whenever he was performing the most diverse musical genres of his native country inserted in the international scenery thus proving that Cuban rhythms will be always welcomed by audiences at large.

His musical arrangements, conceived with the sonority of modern times, captivate audiences. Pieces composed by Cuban authors, as well as pieces by Pedrito himself, tour across the bolero, the feeling, the son and the guaracha with an impeccable making for the spiritual and body joy of many fans.