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La Makina

La Makina



Group founded on the 16th of February 2006 in the Ciudad Universitaria "José Antonio Echeverría", CUJAE, whose members are Carlos Araño Reyes and Frank Alejandro Salazar Rodríguez.

The group started by participating in the Festivales de Artistas Aficionados, until they won the second prize in the Dúo Vocal category on the provincial level, event that favored their participation in the National Gala at the Teatro Astral in 2008 and a bigger distribution of their music throughout the whole nation.

They performed at the Salones Clip (3rd and 8, Miramar), Rosado de la Tropical and Macumba Habana; at the Anfiteatro and the Hotel "Las Caletas", both in Varadero; also, in other regions of the island like Pinar del Río, Artemisa, Mayabeque and Cárdenas (Matanzas).

They shared the stage with artists and bands like: Kola Loka, Los 4, Yulien Oviedo, Osmany García, Energía Total and NG La Banda.

Their album "De la puerta pa´lla" (2 011) represents a fresh and attractive proposal to all of Cuban reggaeton lovers.