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Grupo Yoruba Andabo

Grupo Yoruba Andabo


Folkloric music group.

The name Yoruba Andabo is formed by two words of African dialects whose meaning relates with "friends, admirers and followers of the yoruba lands and cultures."

Its background dates back to 1961, when several deck workers in Havana created the "Guaguancó Marítimo Portuario" group, later on called Yoruba Andabo..

In 1986, Yoruba Andabo was invited by the Cuban troubadour Pablo Milanés to participate in the celebration of the 35th anniversary of the EGREM recording label. On that occasion, the group met the renowned folkloric singer Merceditas Valdés with whom they developed an important work for the Cuban musical legacy.

In 1994 they definitively take the name of Yoruba Andabo Folkloric Company, made up by 16 artists (singers, percussionists and dancers) who carried out a professional work in the most important genres of the profane religious music, including the Yoruba, Congo, Abakuá, Rumba and Cuban Conga cycles.

The group has also developed a pedagogical work through workshops and seminars, teaching folkloric and popular percussion, folkloric and popular dances and folkloric chants at community level and with the participation of the youth.

Yoruba Adabo has performed in Cuba, Colombia, Canada and the United States, among other countries. Its presence is acclaimed at the most important folkloric music events held in Cuba and elsewhere. Their presentations in PERCUBA, at the World Music and Dance Festival in Toronto and in the 15th. Annual Expression International Festival in New York constituted great successes for the Cuban music.

Yoruba Andabo has shared the stage with outstanding artists like Pablo Milanés, Tata Güines, Joe Arroyo, Celeste Mendoza, Lázaro Ros, Gonzalito Rubalcaba and the Niche Group, among others.

Every genre performed by this Company is a true example of the authenticity and versatility required to assume the folkloric and popular traditions, always representing the vast diversity of the Cuban essence.