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Miguel Ángel Céspedes

Miguel Ángel Céspedes



Miguel Ángel Céspedes began his professional artistic career in 1976, in the City of Havana. In 1973 he joined the amateurs movement and participated in several festivals where he was granted some awards as singer. Later on, in 1976, he obtained the highest award at the National Amateurs Festival.

Since then, he has developed a successful career as singer, participating in countless contests and festivals. The most outstanding ones include the "Adolfo Guzmán" contest and the "Benny Moré" Festival. Likewise he has participated on radio and television programs, as well as in musical revues and productions presented at the main theaters and cabarets of the country.

He made his first recordings with the EGREM Cuban label.

Miguel Ángel Céspedes has successfully represented his country in multiple scenarios in Europe and Latin America. Recently, his performances have been entered a fruitful stage of his artistic life on scenarios in Spain.

Throughout his artistic career he has developed a great work aimed at disseminating Cuban popular music, specially the bolero and the romantic song.