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Yulien Oviedo

Yulien Oviedo


Percussionist and singer.

Yulien Oviedo Sánchez was born in La Habana on November 29th, 1982. Since early age he approached the world of music by the hand of his father Calixto Oviedo. He studied music at the Manuel Saumell conservatory and then at the Escuela Nacional de Arte.

After just one year and a half he made his debut playing the percussions with the Adalberto Alvarez orchestra, playing also with NG La Banda and participating in the recording of the CD Desde el patio de mi casa.

Being a young boy, he recorded together with the Afro Cuban All Star, as timba and quinto player, and a track in a disc by the unforgettable Rubén González; he participated in the CD Havana Calling, by the flute player Maraca, and in the album Gracias, Formell!, among others. At 11, he toured in Japan with NG La Banda.

Since when he was 8, he went on international tours with his father. He took part in the “Bravo bravísimo” event and got a 4th place among children prodigy on worldly level in 1995. Before that, he had participated in the tv program “Sábado chiquito” in the Dominican Republic, and shared the stage with some of the most renowned music personalities of the country.

He joined the Charanga Habanera as percussionist and singer of the popular orchestra led by David Calzado. He currently defends a project of his own called Yulien Oviedo y su Onda Light, and collaborates with the main exponents of Cuban and international reggaeton.