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Rolando "Rolo" Martínez was born in 1935 in Cayo Hueso, a Havana neighborhood. When he was still a child, he was greatly influenced by his musical environment in Cayo Hueso, one of the main centers of the urban rumba.

When he was 15 years old, "Rolo" Martínez already performed as a singer in several professional groups in Havana, and a year later , he became the leading voice of the famous "Félix Chappotín" Ensemble, substituting Miguelito Cuní, singer, trumpet player and one of the Cuban greatest musicians of the 20th century. This experience marked a turning point in the life of the young artist "Rolo" Martínez.

In the mid 1950s, "Rolo" joined the Ernesto Duarte's orchestra, with which he recorded themes which immediately became resounding hits. In 1959, he recorded his first album as a soloist and in the 1960s, after Benny Moré´s death, "Rolo" Martínez integrated the Giant Band which used to accompany Benny Moré.

Years later, "Rolo" performed as a singer in the Pachito Alonso´s orchestra and in 1982 he recorded a CD, once again as a soloist, for the EGREM Cuban label.

In December 1997, "Rolo" Martínez participated in the recording of "Sonando", by the young flute player, composer and musical arranger Orlando Valle "Maraca" and some months later he was part of the all star "Cubanismo" group, led by musician Jesús Alemany, which toured throughout 12 cities of the United States.

In the 1998 summer, he recorded his third album as a soloist, entitled "Para bailar mi son", for the Ahí-Namá label, accompanied by the "Bamboleo" Cuban orchestra directed by the talented Lázaro Valdés. One year later, in order to promote this record, "Rolo" made his first tour as a soloist across the United States, obtaining a great success for the Cuban music.