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Quinteto Sol de Cuba

Quinteto Sol de Cuba


Popular music group.

The members of this Quintet come from important Cuban musical groups such as "Síntesis" , "Los Magnéticos", Alfredo Rodríguez, Xiomara Laugart and "Toma Uno" , and were able to integrate their diverse tendencies in a genuine and matchless cultural project.

Sol de Cuba approaches the so-called salsa rhythm with a Cuban sonority, as well as the son, the cumbia, the cha cha chá and the bachata, among other genres. Its incomparable choirs are characterized by the wise use of the Cuban picaresque and sense of humor.

Pedro Romero, Sol de Cuba´s leading singer, composer and director, is author of the great majority of the themes performed by the Quintet. Romero, a musician with a rich artistic career, who won the 2000 Great Award at the "Adolfo Guzmán" Contest with his work "Mariposa" and the 2000 Second Award at the OTI Contest with his theme "Una mujer" He is a composer nurtured by the greatest troubadour trad itions and by the poetic lyricism of the Cuban song.

Sol de Cuba Quintet is one of the most representative Cuban musical groups of this decade.