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Vocal Leo

Vocal Leo


Vocal Leo, a choral group, was created in 1995 under the guidance of its experienced director Corina Campos, as an homage to the Cuban guitar player, composer and orchestra conductor, Leo Brouwer.

Its style follows the choral show patterns and its repertoire includes polyphonies, contemporary works, operas and Spanish operettas.

Vocal Leo has participated in important international choral festivals such as those of Yucatan and Guadalajara, in Mexico; as well as in the International Contest held in Cantenigrós, Catalonia, in 1999, where it was granted the First Award in the Polyphony and Music categories. It is worthwhile mentioning the presence of this group at the International Contest of Habaneras and Polyphonies, held in Torrevieja and at the Choral Masses Contest in Tolosa, both of them in Spain.

In the 2004 summer, this group competed for the first time at the Choral Music World Olympiad held in Bremen, Germany, where it was awarded two golden medals in the popular music and a capella for chamber choir categories, based on a complex and diverse repertoire that included Cuban composers like Compay Segundo, Miguel Matamoros and Roberto Valera as well as other foreign authors such as Randall Thompson and Rautavara.