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Son de Oro

Son de Oro


Dancing popular music orchestra.

A music group completely made up by children was founded in Matanzas province some years ago. This group was called "La Edad de Oro" like the prominent book written by José Martí. This children`s group became well known across the country and even today it is still in the memory of a lot of people.

Years went by and those children grew up without abandoning their musical vocation. So, music practice and studies went hand by hand with the main members of "La Edad de Oro" during their transit from childhood to youth. The Aguiar brothers: Danny (director and arranger), Rubén (composer) and Luis (singer), founders and spirit of SON DE ORO, have been able to gather this group of young musicians who joined the group.

In Cuba, a country historically fertile in both talent and musicality, for a dancing popular music orchestra to be capable of calling the attention it is necessary, in the first place, to have an indisputable arrangement and interpretation quality in both voices and instruments. SON DE ORO complies with these indispensable conditions. However, apart from having these qualities, this salsa group has unique characteristics that distinguish it from other groups.

Son de Oro aims its work at the dancer. The power of its rhythms, the catchy refrains, the montunos and many of those "codes" wisely used by musicians to achieve this objective constitute the main characteristic of this orchestra. Nevertheless, what is really encouraging for the demanding listener is the text quality of their themes, something which is not very common in this kind of music. Rubén Aguiar, with his compositions and an excellent selection of traditional and international themes, is a true proof of this. Youth, freshness and musical quality constitute the main motto of this Son de Oro orchestra.