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Lazaro M Rodríguez

Lazaro M Rodríguez



Lázaro Miguel Rodríguez was born in September 1953 in Guanabacoa, City of Havana.

His very first acquaintance with music was as singer in the Havana University Folkloric Ensemble while he was studying at that higher-education center. But his professional life began in 1981 when he became the winner of the Cuban television program known as "Todo el mundo canta" ("Everybody sings").

For ten years he was the leading voice of the Manguaré group with whom he made eight records and successfully toured across a number of countries, namely, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Martinique, Nicaragua, Panama, Germany, Belgium, Canada, the United States, France, Greece, England, Poland and Russia.

Lázaro Miguel Rodríguez was one of the main singers at the famous "Antología del Bolero" Cuban show which, between 1993 and 1994, traveled throughout Spain where this exceptional singer also acted as the show presenter. Likewise, Lázaro participated in the record produced for this extensive tour and which constitutes an excellent selection of bolero representative pieces.

It is worthwhile mentioning his first recording production as soloist entitled "Evocación" since it constitutes an excellent proposal of classic boleros as a tribute paid by this singer to the great Benny Moré.

In the year 2000, Lázaro Miguel recorded "Razones para sonear" where he displays his capacity to sing a wide range of different genres of Cuban music.

Lázaro Miguel´s art represents a prestige for Cuban music for his traditional roots and the spirit of his island.