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Trío Trovarroco

Trío Trovarroco


String trio.

Its members are Rachid López (first guitar player), Maikel Elizarde (tres player) and César Bacaró (bass player).

Initially called "Arte y Estilo" string Trio, it was created by Master Rachid López, concert guitar player of Villa Clara City. Thus, under his guidance, it was founded by the end of 1999 with the purpose of performing concert music.

Having a non traditional format for this kind of genre, the Trio Trovarroco performs Baroque and Rennaissance classic themes and 15th and 16th centuries musical pieces. At the same time, it has carried out a very interesting work with the Latin American and Cuban traditional repertoire, always adapted to be performed as concert music, following this genre´s patterns but never losing, of course, the rhythmic sonority. Its work also includes songs from old and new Cuban trova.

Since its foundation, the Trio Trovarroco have made countless performances in Cuba and it s presence is always warmly welcome abroad. In December 2002, the Trio visited Mexico as part of the show entitled "Ola Cubana", together with outstanding artists like Omara Portuondo, Compay Segundo and Eliades Ochoa, among others. In Mexico, it was very highly praised by the critics who considered its presence there as one of the top moments of the show.

Since then, doors across the world opened to the Trio: Germany, Spain, Canada and Mexico enjoyed its music as an exquisite combination of Cuban and international music.

Great Master Leo Brouwer stated: "Trovarroco is an incomparable trio one must listen to, specially its wise virtuosity achieved by its accurate instrumental colour which includes both Cuban country music and Baroque elements" .