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Mayimbe y Barbaro Fines

Mayimbe y Barbaro Fines

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Barbarito Fines born in 1982 in the City of Havana. He's a Manolito Simonet nephew and godson of Juan Formell. Barbaro Fines grew up in a rich and stimulating musical environment thanks to the unquestionable quality of these musicians and recognized in his work influenced by these and others like Cesar Pedroso.

At the tender age of 5 he began studying piano with private teachers and with just 7 years he officially entered the prestigious National Conservatory of Music Alejandro Garcia Caturla where he completed the base level of piano. He continued his artistic training in the Guillermo Guanche Conservatory in Havana neighborhood of Guanabacoa where he ended at age 18.

At that time began his career playing in different orchestras where he learned the different sounds that currently characterize the Cuban popular music. His artistic work made them stand out as a pianist, arranger and composer in several bands such as Banda a1, Los Conquistadores, the Caroband and B aculeyé as part of the new generation of Cuban musicians.

Barbarito began the dream of his own orchestra in 2010 in a foreign land, Peru. Here is where it contacts through his previous visits with the respected Peruvian artist Guillermo Quintana and with an enthusiastic group of young Peruvians endowed with tremendous talent, vitality and desire of succeed. With some time and hard work Barbarito obtained the sound he wanted for Mayimbe and some of his original tracks as composer reached the national charts and the preference of discerning Peruvians "imberos". Not long.... and Mayimbe fever spreads elsewhere and that is how the Mayimbe's sound today is recognized throughout the world.