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Traje Nuevo

Traje Nuevo


Cuban traditional music septet.

Sergio Pereda, former member of the well-known Vocal Sampling group and musical director of Traje Nuevo (New Suit), founded this septet with the aim of renewing the Cuban traditional music.

According to musicologist Elsida González, "the incessant search for new themes, authors and, above all, ways to produce this sound "which balances both the past and the present- has always been the intention..." of Traje Nuevo.

The Septet performs genres such as the guaracha, the son, the song and the bolero as well as "hints from the bossa nova, the jazz, elements from the pop, the rumba, the bachata, and an inter-textual nature that stamps the contemporary..."

Many of the themes they perform have been composed by members of the group as, for example, "Mi Habana" by Angel Ramírez Gil (leading voice of the septet), "Dame un chance" by Carlos Manuel Céspedes, "El bacán de la vida" and "Rico guarapo" by Rafae l Bermúdez (baby bass) and "La Wemba" by Sergio Pereda himself who, besides being the director of the group, performs the bongo, minor percussion and acoustic guitar.