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Punto Cero

Punto Cero


Hip hop group.

Punto Cero is a young group devoted to channel musical interests through hip hop. This group is made up by Alexander Fuentes Hernández, Amaury Periche Herrera and Leonardo Pérez Rodríguez.

These three youngsters have been composing pieces of great popularity as, for example, "Adolescente", "Qué difícil es" and "Te propongo".

In 2001, they made their first recording production for the BIS Music label. The version they made of "Mira pa´l negro" by Oscar D´León and Samurai (D´Javan) became true radio hits.

Their approach to Cuban traditional music from the hip hop perspective, as in the guaracha entitled "María Cristina" by Ñico Saquito is quite interesting.

Punto Cero has performed in several cities in Cuba and has participated in the well-known "Habana Hip Hop" Festival and in Cubadisco.

Punto Cero is one of the most outstanding and promising groups of this gen re in Cuba.

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