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Trío Enserie

Trío Enserie


Instrumental vocal trio.

Villa Clara, Cuba, 1992. A representative group of the Cuban New Trova, currently called "novissima trova" in the country and integrated by Raúl Cabrera Hernández, Levis Aliaga Quesada and Rolando Berrío Cabrera. Its members studied Art Education, specializing in music, at the "Felix Várela" Higher Pedagogic Institute in Villa Clara.

Its trio format includes: guitar, minor percussion and three voices, performing different Cuban music genres with the distinctive mark of the new song.

Even though the Enserie trio constitutes a traditional group from the tuning point of vue, its sonority departs from patterns already established for this kind of group due to its novel vocal, harmonic and stylist performance as well as for the vigorous content of its themes.

With his broad repertoire almost entirely composed by its members, the Trio Enserie, merging traditional and modern, creole and univers al elements, has attained a genuinely Cuban artistic product.

Enserie have made several presentations in Cuba and abroad, and has received important acknowledgements during its professional career, like the Great Award at the Festival of Amateurs Musicians, its participation at the Ibero-American Music Party held in Holguín province, and at the Caribbean Music Festival in Santiago de Cuba.

A culminating point in this Trio´s career was the more than 80 successful presentations in the Canary Islands (Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura and Tenerife), Madrid and the Basque country between January and March, 1996.